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Bamboo Forest
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    • Where can I find a local Teragren flooring retailer?

      Visit the retailer locator section of this web site.

      If you are unable to find a local retailer, call the flooring distributor for your state for a referral to a retailer.

      If a distributor is not available in your state, call us at 800.929.6333 for more information on how to purchase Teragren products.


    • Which of your flooring products can be floated?

      Teragren Synergy® wide plank and Studio wide-plank floating floor features the Välinge-patented, self-locking system that requires no adhesive. Teragren Portfolio Collection, Vantage II, Visions and Craftsman II may also be floated. For more information, please consult our installation guidelines.

    • Which of your flooring products can be glued down?

      Teragren Portfolio Collection, Vantage II, Visions. Signature Naturals, Craftsman II, Elements and Synergy MPL® and Synergy One® may all be glued down with a premium wood adhesive such as Bostik's Best. For more information, please consult our installation guidelines.

    • Which of your flooring products can be nailed or stapled?

      Teragren Portfolio Collection, Vantage II, Visions, Signature Naturals, Craftsman II and Elements may all be nailed or stapled. Synergy® MPL may be nailed. For more information, please consult our installation guidelines.

    • How is Teragren's Synergy® solid-strip strand bamboo flooring with Xcora? technology different from your other flooring products?

      Synergy® strand with Xcora® is 66 percent harder than standard Teragren bamboo flooring products and 160 percent harder than red oak—ideal for high-traffic commercial as well as residential installations. Xcora™ technology and a unique manufacturing process, fuse bamboo fibers with an environmentally safe adhesive under extreme pressure.

    • Can your flooring be used in the kitchen or bathroom?

      Yes! Many homeowners enjoy bamboo flooring throughout their homes. Any hardwood flooring, including bamboo, should be installed (and maintained) in a kitchen or bath only under carefully controlled moisture conditions.

      Excessive moisture (i.e., inefficient exhaust fans, overflowing sinks, tubs, dishwashers, etc.) would cause any natural material surface to swell and/or "cup." You may want to consult an experienced installer in your area for an evaluation and specific recommendation for your home environment. For more details, check out the flooring care section of the official website of the Hardwood Manufacturers Association.

    • Can your bamboo parquet butcher block countertops be used as a cutting block like maple? How does it compare to a maple butcher block?

      Unlike most other hardwoods, bamboo absorbs very little moisture and consequently does not shrink or swell as much, making it a superior choice of material for cutting boards. In addition, it's harder than maple or oak. When cutting or chopping, the end-grain fibers absorb the impact of the blade, keeping your knives sharper longer. The malleable and forgiving end-grain surface is also resistant to nicks and gouges, which prevents bacteria from entering, and increases the longevity of the cutting board. It may be sanded to make the surface new and beautiful again.


    • Where do your bamboo products come from and how are they made?

      Teragren bamboo flooring, panels and veneer are manufactured to stringent specifications in our ISO 9001:2000- and 14001-certified factories in the Zhejiang province of China. Teragren's Optimum 5.5® Moso bamboo is harvested at maturity between 5-1/2 and 6 years, and then split into strips to extract the premium part of the culm. The strips, if not having gone through Caramelizing process, are treated with hydrogen peroxide and a natural borate solution to resist pests and mildew, then kiln-dried to remove moisture. They are laminated with an environmentally safe adhesive under high pressure to produce planks for flooring and paneling. You can learn more about our Teragren manufacturing and our 11 quality-control checkpoints on this web site.

    • What does the term "caramelized" mean?

      Bamboo is part of the sugar cane family. Sugar compounds in the fiber darken with heat and become darker the longer the bamboo is heated. This process creates a beautiful caramel color all the way through the final product. Teragren coined the term "caramelized" to describe the beautiful coloration and process.

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    • What is the off-gassing formaldehyde level of the adhesive used in laminating the bamboo strips together to form flooring and panels?

      Teragren currently uses three types of manufacturing adhesives?urea-formaldehyde based, phenol-formaldehyde based, and formaldehyde free. Our proprietary manufacturing adhesives emit 0.03 ppm or less of formaldehyde, less than allowed by U.S. OSHA, European E0, CARB Phase 1 and Phase 2, and Japanese JIS/JAS (F☆☆☆☆) emissions standards. Learn more.

      Teragren floors are certified by FloorScore®, which ensures the quality of indoor air for high performance schools and offices and meets stringent standards for 78 volatile organic compounds, including formaldehyde.

      All Teragren panels are SCS Indoor Advantage? Gold-certified, which means they've been tested to meet emissions standards, including formaldehyde, and comply with the California Special Environmental Requirements Specification 01350, which is designed to ensure health through good indoor air quality. It is also one of the United States' most stringent indoor air quality standards.


    • Can your bamboo flooring be glued directly to concrete?

      All Teragren bamboo flooring products, with the exception Synergy® wide plank and Studio wide-plank floating floor, are suitable for a glue-down application to concrete on or above grade with a premium wood adhesive such as Bostik's Best adhesive. As always, check for any moisture problems in the concrete first. Below grade applications require floating installation. Consult each product's installation guidelines for further information.

    • Can your bamboo flooring be used over radiant heat systems?

      Yes, due to its inherent dimensional stability, any Teragren bamboo flooring product is ideal over radiant heat systems. For more information, please consult our installation guidelines.

    • Does climate affect your flooring products?

      Due to our proprietary manufacturing adhesives and our stringent quality control systems, Teragren flooring may be successfully installed in a variety of climates, from arid Arizona and high-and-dry Colorado, to rather humid Hawaii and the rainy Pacific Northwest. For best results, job site conditions should range in humidity levels must be between 35%-55% percent relative humidity. Refer to Pre-installation Notes in our installation guidelines for acclimation information and other precautions.


    • How do I care for my Teragren bamboo floor?

      Just as you would any quality hardwood floor. For details, read flooring care.

    • How can I repair surface finish scratches or gouges in my flooring?

      Scratches and/or gouges in the flooring material may happen during an installation or subsequent use. Board replacement is the best option; however if this is not possible, try RPM/Mohawk Fil Stiks. These are large wax crayons that fill voids and are a close match to Teragren's colors.

      For ordering purposes through RPM, please use the information from this chart. These products are also available through several online woodworking supply stores.

      While this information is meant for informational purposes, only true plank replacement guarantees a 100% repair of a divot or scratch.

      Scratches in the scratch-resistant polyurethane finish show up white. To change the color of a scratch and blend it back in, use a product such as Zenith Almond Stick. This will not fill in the scratch, however; it will change the color and make it less noticeable.

      Prior to installation, the installer and/or homeowner should inspect all material to ensure the material received matches the work order. Any visible defects or discrepancies should immediately be reported to your distributor or dealer. Installation of any material serves as acceptance of that material as delivered.

      It is considered the installer/owner's responsibility not to install flooring having finish, manufacturing, or unacceptable naturally occurring material variations. Individual planks with defects should not be installed or the defect should be cut-out prior to installation. The Teragren warranty does not cover materials with visible defects once they are installed.

    • Will pets scratch or dent my floor?

      Most pets with sharp claws or nails will scratch the finish. Heavier pets may actually cause small dents in the floor. We recommend keeping their claws trimmed to avoid scratching the finish.

    • Can your products be used outdoors?

      Our bamboo products are suitable for any interior application?not exterior.

    • What about termites?

      Our bamboo flooring (and/or panels and veneer) holds up very well when termites are present. Bamboo is a grass, not a wood, and is an extremely hard, dense material. It has good rot resistance which helps to prevent conditions conducive to termite infestation.

      Prior to milling the bamboo into flooring, panels, veneer or butcher block, all of the bamboo is bathed in a solution of hydrogen peroxide and natural borate. This kills any existing pests or mold spores in the bamboo, as well as extracts some of the natural starches which can attract termites.

    • What is your warranty?

      Limited Warranty for Residential Use?Portfolio, Portfolio Naturals, Synergy® wide plank, Synergy® MPL, Synergy® 72, Signature Naturals, Signature Colors, Studio wide-plank, Craftsman II, Elements :

      · Lifetime Structural Warranty
      · 25-year Residential Finish Warranty

      Limited Warranty for Commercial Use?Portfolio, Portfolio Naturals, Synergy® wide plank,Synergy® MPL, Synergy® 72, Signature Naturals, Signature Colors, Studio wide-plank, Craftsman II, Elements:

      · Lifetime Structural Warranty
      · 10-year Heavy-use Commercial Finish Warranty

      You may read the complete warranties on this web site.